DP welded from kit receivers

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DP welded from kit receivers

DP welded from kit receivers


Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates

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DP receivers welded up from parts kits.

Photos correspond to the selection from the drop down menu.

All photos for that selection, are of the actual receiver you will get when purchased. 

These are priced based on cosmetic tiers. 

Price also corresponds the receiver you choose. 

All blemishes are considered cosmetic only and will not affect function.

These will take all of the parts required to make a functional gun.

Tier 1: $950.00 each.  Look like a brand new/never cut receiver.

Tier 2: $900.00 each.  Outside looks like brand new receiver. Inside has minor blemishes. Fully functional.

Tier 3: $850.00 each. Inside and outside have minor blemishes.  Fully functional.

FFL required item.

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