RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment

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RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment

RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment


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Shipping Rates

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There are now 2 options for purchase.  Please read full description.

Manual PDF download available under "Documents" tab above

We are now shipping the RP46 belt fed set up for the DP series.

All parts are machined from US made steel and heat treated just like the original.  These will allow your DP-28 or DPM to feed from PKM belts without any modification to your rifle!  Simply snap on out belt feeder, replace your flash cone with our booster, and start using belts!

Items included in the "Belt feeder only kit" for the $1675.00 price:

1) belt feeder device

2) booster cone made to look like original flash hider

3) One 100round PKM belt with starter tab newly manufactured

Items included in the "Belt feeder kit & heavy barrel kit" option for $2365.00

1) belt feeder device

2) One 100round PKM belt with starter tab newly manufactured

3) RP46 heavy barrel kit with everything in photo above: barrel, gas selector, new piston rod with proper tip for heavy barrel & tip for standard

     DPM/DP-28 barrels.

4) items will ship in separate boxes.

Watch our videos here: 

General info

Semi-auto demo

Full auto demo

New production parts demo!

Dis-assembly & re-assembly

Installation, Removal, and load/unload proceedures


New product


RP-46 belt feeder

Manual for the RP-46 belt feed unit

Download (2.08M)

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