DP series semi auto parts and Mods
  • DP series semi auto parts and Mods
  • DP series semi auto parts and Mods
  • DP series semi auto parts and Mods

DP series semi auto parts and Mods

Package type: All semi auto parts with build sheet only

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DP series semi auto parts and Mods

DP series semi auto parts and Mods


Notice:  we are currently out of DPM US made triggers.  We will continue to sell the kits of parts without them but this will mean that you must use one more US made part(ex: barrel, flash cone, pistol grip or other 922(r) part) to be 922(r) compliant. 

As of January 2024, the build sheet download has been updated to include our CNC setups for the new bolt mods and the modifications drawing for the original triggers.  Any other requests for updates, please use the forums one this site to request so that others may add to yours'.  Thanks for your patience. 

Warning to all homebuilders!!!: We have been told recently of home builders being miss-led on how to set head-space on some builders forums.  It is worth your money to buy head-space gauges and use them correctly or if you are not sure how to use them, take your build to a qualified gun smith to do this one thing.  Too loose of a head-space can cause a situation were it seems like it needs more gas.  This one thing being right is as critical to proper function as setting of ignition timing on a car.  If you over-gas it to overcome a loose head-space, you'll only be significantly shortening the life of your parts and it might separate cases on some brass cases.

Purchase option 1) $671.00

NOTICE: Our next window has closed as of October 27th 2023 .  If you have made a purchase for this option, please have your kit to us by the end of November so that we can get started.  Time to completion will be 3 to 5 months(March to May).  Please have your kits in by this time so they are not missed.

This will allow you to take your complete parts kit with a good barrel, and with some minor fitting, build your own DP28 or DPM!  Once you make your purchase, Please mail these items to us

  • Bolt with firing pin
  • bolt carrier
  • lower trigger housing with all parts still installed

Send them to:


1025 County Road 4380

Decatur, Tx 76234

Once your parts arrive, we'll inventory your parts and put them in line to be modified and to have the new parts installed. Turnaround time on this option is between 90-120 days from receiving your parts as we do these in batches and generally wait until we have around 10 sets of parts to machine the batch.  What you'll receive back is as follows:

  • Bolt with blocking plug installed, bolt face bushing installed, then drilled at the correct angle, our new firing pin, striker rod, spring installed and set to the correct length.
  • Original firing pin cut and ground to operate as a bolt flap actuator only.
  • Lower that has been milled out, and had our semi auto FCG installed and bench tested on one of our rifles.  On the DPM's, we'll modify the original safety to a new location as to still be functional.  The DP28 safety is usually ready without mods.  Trigger pull will be between 6 - 8 pounds. 

NOTE: You will need to fit(grind) your dis-connector to clear the carrier properly on your assembled rifle.  All of our new FCG parts and your lower, will be blued after we fit parts.  You will, however, be responsible for refinishing the dis-connector after fitting, along with all other parts of your build not sent to us for mods.

  • A build sheet that gives instructions on how to perform the remaining mods necessary to finish your build.


Purchase option 2) $405.00

Please note when buying this option whether you have a DP28 or DPM (pistol grip) so that we may give you the safety parts for the DPM.

You'll receive all of the parts necessary to build a semi auto with your good barrel and complete parts kit.  THIS OPTION DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY WELDING OR ORIGINAL PARTS MODIFICATIONS!  you will be expected to do all machine work and fitting according to the build sheet yourself.


Purchase option 3) $405.00

This option, you send your original parts as follows:

  • Complete bolt
  • bolt carrier
  • firing pin
  • lower with all parts installed

We do all machine work for you to fit our parts.  This usually means you bought our parts to do it all yourself, but haven't had time and would just like this part done for you now.  You will still be required to do some welding and fitting once we return the parts to you.  Turnaround time on this option is between 90-120 days from receiving your parts as we do these in batches and generally wait until we have around 10 sets of parts to machine the batch.

NOTE: For all that have DT (tanker) model kits, we can still modify these parts but the slot in the bottom of the trigger housing that is for the brass catcher, WILL HAVE TO BE FILLED IN.  Please be sure that you understand and accept this before buying anything or sending your parts to us.

Build sheet download is available in the "Attachments" tab on this page up beside the "Description" tab, if you would like to see what's involved in doing the machine work yourself. 

All FCG sets sold now have the newer lighter trigger pull adaption included.



DP series build sheet

Blueprint, pictures and build sheet for the DP series rifles

Download (12.1MB)

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