Order payment page error "please enter a valid amount"
 Main Discussions   Started by Bryan Smith   2023-02-14 15:08:17 -06:00   Comments: 4    Viewed: 547

  1. Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Administrator Staff Member
    We are aware of this issue and are trying to fix it. If you have this issue, you can use the contact us page or you can post on this thread and we will try to figure out the best course of action for you. Thanks, Bryan
    Bryan Smith, 2023-02-14 15:08:17 -06:00
  2. Is there an ETA on when barrels are expected to ship out?
    Gregory Kempen, 2023-02-16 15:27:36 -06:00
  3. Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Administrator Staff Member
    We're going to be blueing in a couple of days and your barrel will be in that batch. It will ship after that.
    Bryan Smith, 2023-02-22 11:21:13 -06:00
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  4. Sounds good, thank you for the update!
    Gregory Kempen, 2023-02-22 12:28:25 -06:00
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