What ammo to use in SGM DPM
 Main Discussions   Started by Randee tereshko   2021-09-26 01:27:03 -05:00   Comments: 3    Viewed: 223

  1. Can you shoot 182 grain Prvi in the DPM? I have been using 147 surplus ammo, but as we all know its starting to dry up the the current import ban.
    Randee tereshko, 2021-09-26 01:27:04 -05:00
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  2. Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Administrator Staff Member
    It should handle anything you put in it. The heavier bullet weights might make it kick more but should be okay to shoot.
    Bryan Smith, 2021-10-22 16:23:54 -05:00
  3. Sweet thank you B!!!
    Randee tereshko, 2021-10-23 11:33:35 -05:00
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